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Radio coverage transmitter with 2025,9 KHz-2,51 GHz generator


This equipment is intended to simulate the emitting power of a base station (CW carrier) in order to carry out measurements of radio-electrical propagation and to optimize the base stations infrastructure. The adaptation to the frequency band is made by changing the lower rack (power amplifier specific to each frequency band).


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Fréquences disponibles Selon rack 2U ci-dessous :
- Tiroir d'amplif. 380/512 MHz
Ondulation / Inband Ripple < +/- 1,5 dB
Puissance de sortie max 25 Watts
Harmoniques et parasites -70 dBc
Tenue au TOS de sortie Infinie
Stabilité au TOS de sortie Infinie
MTBF Théorique 20 000 Heures
T° de fonct. / Operating Temp. 0 / +45 °C
Alimentation / Power Supply 220 VAC
Consommation / Consumption 350 VA
Dimensions 530 x 280 x 760 mm
Poids / Weight 25 Kg
Conn. RF / RF Ports N Femelle
Conn. Alimentation / Power Supply Plug Prise Socapex spécifique
Etanchéité / Waterproofness IP53
Refroidissement / Cooling Convection forcée interne
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